Friday, May 2, 2008


I wanted to never go down a moaning route for the blog, people whinging about bad runs never appealed to me and I assume most people are the same but I guess I should be balanced and not just post the good stuff. I made a post last week that I deleted the next day saying I needed a fairly long break from the game but it was an in the moment, feeling sorry for myself on a loosing run thing. Bad runs aren't the best for the ego and unless you can be objective a person can start wallowing in self pity, a good kick up the hole is needed now and then. The first four months of this year have been my worst run since I started playing and while my poker losses for the period are extremely small the life rake and ones vices reduce the bankroll over that long a stretch. I don't think I'm gonna make Vegas this year barring a live touch between now and mid June as I'm just not rolled for it now.

I haven't the heart for playing stts online. I really tried to motivate myself to do so in my last post but it's just not happening. I knew writing that post my heart wasn't in it and I was trying to kid myself into grinding a few thousand of them. Something Hectorjelly posted on boards a while ago has really stuck in my head; basically that the constant battle with the bubble wore him down eventually playing stts and he also just had enough playing no decision poker.

I always treated online as a kind of basic salary and have always known that my talent/skill is live tournaments. I have no doubt in my mind that I will always be a winner in them but because of the variance in live tournaments it is impossible to be comfortable/secure without a huge win or sponsorship. Thus anyone whose only income comes from poker must have a constant cash flow coming from the Internet.

I think I'm gonna try playing 6 handed omaha online, start small and try move up through the levels. I always knew stts were never a long term solution which I emphasised in my well on on a number of occasions. I was considering playing NLH ring games last October and was discussing it with Valor who is a smart guy. He reckoned that if he was in my shoes omaha would be the better choice for a number reasons, So I think thats what I'll try. I played about 60k omaha hands at 1/2 over a year ago and was a small winner but that was full ring and I was just nut-peddling for a rake race. So its basically starting a new game from scratch which I hope gets the juices flowing as I feel pretty stale ATM.

On the live front I'm looking forward to JP's masters this weekend. I've been playing a good bit live the last three weeks in smaller events and I'm happy enough with how I'm playing. This structure is as good as it gets and hopefully I can gather a few chips and get a decent run at it.

PS still shit at golf, getting better with this computer stuff though took me 8 months to learn how to put a link in the blog, now I can even put videos in