Sunday, October 19, 2008


I decided against traveling to Dublin for the IPO. I Played this event last year and didn't enjoy it and the thought of traveling to a tournament where my hotel costs exceed then event buy in just didn't make sense to me. I'm not trying to take from that event, its a fabulous spectacle and a huge achievement for the organisers to set the largest field in Europe for the second year running. From following the event it seems to have run extremely well this year so kudos to PokerIreland and Boyles on a great and unique tournament.

Instead I went to Cork for the 4th leg of the IPC tour and I shouldn't of bothered because I played horrendously. The numbers were down but that was to be expected with the IPO running. I played like a bad Italian in the main event and spewed my chips over two levels in about four pots . My play was without rhyme nor reason and I honestly cant remember playing so bad.

I was pretty annoyed with myself on the drive home and decided to go back for the €200+20 side event on Saturday. This went a bit better but just after the dinner break I lost my chips all in pre in a decent pot to Namir ( who had won the main event earlier in the day ) with QQ Vs Ak; a king on the turn put paid to my plans for redemption for the previous days performance. A speeding ticket on the drive home topped off the weekend nicely :-(

Next week sees the Winter Festival at the City West. I expect a field of 350 to 400 runners for the €1500+150 event. The buy in is way down from last years €8000 because the ETP have ditched this event from the tour. I'm not sure of my feelings on this; I think Ireland should have an EPT but I also think €8000 was a bit ridiculous. I won entry into last years event but was given the 8k in cash after the live satellite which I decided to add to my bankroll rather then stump up that amount of cash for one event.

I'm a bit of a cynic at heart and I feel that someone at the EPT through choice of setting and upping the buy in over the last two years contrived to have the event fail and move the Irish leg to a more exotic location. John Duthie stating the reason we lost the EPT was that Ireland just didn't have a venue to hold such an event is total bullshit as anyone who has played in the City West or more recently Killarney will agree.

Anyhow back off my soapbox; I'm hopeful for a good tournament next week. I haven't cashed in a tournament at City West since the 2006 Irish Championship so a cash in my forth outing in the colours would be very welcome, but as ever I'll be happy if I bring my A-game and play to the best of my ability. I know I wont play as bad as I did in Cork this weekend thats for sure.