Wednesday, February 11, 2009

GJPDS €500 side

I had no intention of entering this having just busted in the main event but had just enough time to clear my head before it started. I also realised that there isn't a decent game in the country until the Irish Open so I decided to dust my self off and jump in. A decent turnout of 84 players lined up.

My starting table had plenty regular heads from the Irish scene on it, so if nothing else, I was going to have an enjoyable game. I wasn't going to hang around here and was opening a lot of pots. I just called Mick McCluskey SB raise with KK and Mick did very well to just check call the river holding an ace on a AAKxx board. The last hand before the break I held 75os on a 467R flop and lead into five players for 400; Colly from Drogheda raised to 2400 and I pushed when it got back to me. This put me on 16k at the dinner break after three levels.

Shortly after the break I double through 5spin5 from boards having raised 33, hit my set and held against his nut flush draw. Willie "yultired" Clyness joined the table, I enjoy Willies dry humor and he came up with a beauty when a player at the table started complaining his luck. "there's no unlucky players at this table, in fact were all very lucky. Don't you know you beat odds of three million to one when you were sperm to reach the egg first". However Willie was a little unfortunate a few hands later to run his bottom set into my top one.

The table broke soon enough and I brought my now big 45k stack to a table that included Ciaran Burke, a player whose game I have a lot of respect for. With the blinds 200/400 myself and Ciaran managed to get 100k in the middle between us, both holding AKs which is totally standard with our history. The table was joined by a very active young French player. He had his stack up to 40k after a couple of outrages suck outs and had taken a particular liking to my bigblind.

Never one to shy away from mixing it up with this type of player, I got stuck into a good few pots with the guy. I had bluffed him off two pots and he had taken three from me showing air on each occasion. I get his 40k stack with blinds 500/1000 and calling his 2400 open with 97os in the bigblind and hitting a magical 977 flop. He hit a flush on the turn and the chips fly in on the river when he triumphantly flips his flush. Every-time you looked at this guy while in a hand with him, he would give a little wink at you and I couldn't resist a little wink back before I showed my boat. Sometimes poka is sweet.

This put me in a great position with close to 90k three tables left and about a 35k average. I lost close to 20k in a blind on blind with top pair against bottom two in a hand I should really of gotten away from and had 70k when the table broke with 18 remaining.

We only played a few hands on my new table before we broke for the night. I was very disappointed at this as it was only about 2.20 am and I really felt they should of played to the money and final table.

I lost a race to a shorty first hand of the day and then had to fold two hands I 3bets so was back in the pack. I dropped to about 30k but had it back to just 60k when I went out. Down to 14 players and into our forth level of the day with blinds 1500/3000 and 300 ante so average bigblind was 20. A young Asian/English player who was moving his chips in liberally and basically getting away with murder pushed his 100k stack and I couldn't get my 60k in fast enough with AJ. I was looking in good shape against his A5os until the Qd brought the flush for him on the river.

The €300 game was just starting but I'd had enough for one weekend, I was through the redcow roundabout within 60 seconds of the Queen hitting the river.