Tuesday, May 19, 2009

TLTD, Newcastle, Cake & Golf

I took on the very long drive of Waterford-Castlebar-Waterford last weekend for the latest leg of the BrucePoker live tour. A very decent turnout of 85 Including well known faces Keith Mcfadden, FatBoyDim and the best player in England Martin Silke. I never got going and my bounty was claimed when I got all my chips in on the flop in level six holding AK v A10 on a AQ10 flop.

Good Waterford player Colin Fardy traveled up with me and was going very well with two tables remaining. I've noticed Colin putting himself in a lot of good spots recently but failing to finish the job so took it on myself to give him a pep talk on aggression in later stages of tournaments, on a break. I'd say he was calling me a few choice words when he pushed his bigblind after the smallblind limped QQ.

The tour moves back to the Crown-Plaza Dundalk this week and another great game is promised. I'm off to Newcastle for leg five of the GUKPT on Thursday; looking forward to the game as I'm confident about how I'm playing ATM. There's a decent Irish contingency going over so hopefully someone(ME)can emulate Silky's great showing in leg 3.

I'm excited by the news that BrucePoker.com are moving to the Cake network. Cake have emerged as a very progressive and innovative outfit over the last two year. The company have been revolutionary in there approach to online poker, introducing elements such as weekly alias changes and blocking tracking software.

My confidence is bolstered by the news last week that former top man at pokerstars Lee Jones is taking over as poker-room manager at Cake. Lee is probably the most respected person working in the industry and nothing but great confidence can be gleaned from this appointment. I feel this is a fantastic move by Brucepoker.com and bodes well for the future.

One of my greatest disappointment of the year 2008 was when SideshowBob and Caoimh beat us in a cross-county Golf battle. Myself and Danny had been in practice all Winter and lured the unsuspecting Corkonians to our local course last Wednesday. I'm not one to brag but those boys took one hell of a beating.