Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'ts not easy getting money from Kerrymen

I go to Killarney at least three times a year to play poker and in general find if very difficult to extract any money from the place myself. On the other hand Pat Storan whom I always go with has an excellent record down that way. As we generally swap a decent percentage, the petrol money usually gets covered at least.

It was nearly a similar story this trip. I went semi deep making the last five tables but in reality was never a factor. Pat on the other hand got himself in a great spot but unfortunately was coolered on the money and final table bubble for 33% of the total chips in play.

I played the side event but was messing a bit having a few beers, very enjoyable but inevitability no joy.

Connie always makes sure all the players needs are catered for and the Drumhall is a smashing spot for this type of festival. A 24 hour bar is a novelty, it was a bit like 'one flew over the coo coos nest' at about 4 am on Saturday night but all good fun really.

The turn out for the ' Lakes of Killarney ' main event was a bit disappointing in comparisons to recent years, but it was still a great weekend and the cash action seemed to hold up very well. Hopefully its down to peoples hesitancy to travel due to recent weather, as it really is a great weekends poker and deserves support.

Next up for me is the 'European Deep Stack' festival in Dublin the first weekend in February. I'm driving straight to the 2010 Ryder Cup venue, Celtic Manor for a weeks golf with the usual suspects after this and then onto Manchester for leg two of the UKIPT tour.