Tuesday, September 14, 2010

UKIPT Dublin

I came down with a bad cold Wednesday. By Thursday, day one of the tournament, I was running a high temperature and truly miserable.

I battled through the day ok, the first five levels went well, at one stage I had about 30k in chips from the fifteen starting stack. I went completely card dead the last two levels and finished the day on twenty.

I got to play for a bit with two players you generally don't expect in a monkey Dublin event, Vanessa Rousso and Miami John Cernuto.

Back in July before day two of the main event John was drawn on Derek Murry left. He never showed due to Illness and was blinded out. At the second break that day in the smoking area of the Rio, Derek was blaming John's no show for the loss of most of his chips.

Derek was getting into pots he normally wouldn't because of the dead blind. I informed John - "F%&* that Miami he's costing me my tournament here" - of Derek's words in the Rio, which he got a good kick out of.

Rousso was on the table for the last hour, I was stone dead at this stage and didn't play any hands with her, but she definitely carries herself very well an seems a good ambassador for the game.

When I got back for day two I was really sick. My chips went in on a four bet shove, holding 810os against a laggy enough big stacks AK. I've probably never been happier to get knocked out of a tournament and I was home in bed in Waterford within a couple of hours.

I did return Sunday and played the charity game. Myself, Marty and Paul Carr had a prop bet, who had the most chips at five o'clock. All three of us had exactly zero chips by that time, a fair feat considering we sat down at three thirty.