Monday, February 13, 2012

Euro Deep Stack - D4

I was saying to Bops on the drive up to this on Wednesday that I felt very rusty and hoped for some kind of run to blow off the cobwebs. I managed to make the money for a min cash, meaning I got the table time I felt I needed anyhow so I guess we can call that a small success.

I played day one A as I tend to do at €550 events, it keeps the expenses down should I bust and means a refreshed start for day two should I make that; so win-win.

My table on day one had some very good players, Ross Johnson impressed and EPT London second Stephen O'Dwyer seemed decent, although one player stole the show. Watching the Chief crush dreams for a full day was a pleasure to see at close quarters.

The man is obviously a poker genius and was operating on a level so far ahead of anyone else that we hadn't a clue what he was at. He amassed a top ten stack over the day mastering spots that would make Durrrr a nervous wreck.

My own day went ok, I was going along nicely and had more then doubled the starting stack when I dropped about 30k to Ross in a hand he played well and I didn't. I locked up for a bit after this, got going again to110k and then donated another 50k to the same man AK v KK.

 This was into the last level and my 60k were looking very measly amount when I got a table move. First hand at new table I get a double, raising KQ utg and getting it in against a flush draw on a queen high flop. I pick up another small pot two hands later when the table breaks and I’m allocated back to the seat I had left three hands earlier with a much improved 130k. We finish shortly after this and I bag 160k.

Day two started very slowly for me I don’t think I played a single hand in the first hour. I got a bit more active after this but every time I seemed to be getting ahead of the game I lose a decent pot. Two 100k reversals spring to mind; AK v AJ in pre, and a blind on blind with Jacks v A7 where the ace floated and spiked the turn.

 I was grinding a re-shove stack on the live stream table for the two hours leading to the bubble and just as it bust I picked up AQhh and shove 23 blinds over a late position raiser. Unfortunately the bigblind woke up with the boots.

I enjoyed the tournament and look forward to playing the UKIPT Galway this week a little less rusty. DaGunman O'Shea has kindly offered me a loan of his crush hammer for the tournament so a deep run is almost certain.