Monday, March 3, 2008

If you throw enough shit ........but will it

A couple of weeks ago I made a post where I said I was going to play two more IO satts max as I intended buying in anyhow. I spoke of how I knew for sure that if I did a load on satts and then bought in my head wouldn't be right playing the event. I should of really stuck with this as I've done over €2500 on satts so far and with a few weeks to go to the event I can see this increasing if I don't bag me one soon. It's a bit of a dilemma but I don't see how I can logically justify buying in now if I don't win in over the next two weeks. So in effect I could be knocked out of this years event before it starts on the pre qualifying tables all over the country :-( .

The first satt I played was in the emporium and on the way home I said to Pat I had a bad feeling that I wouldn't win in. I really should of went with the read and stopped playing them and concentrated on grinding online the last few weeks. Its two weeks off yet but ATM I don't think I'll be buying in, It's just two big a % of my roll for one event. I'd say I'll play two more satts max but really need to leave them for a week to get my head right.

I purely blame stts for this but I've played a couple of live hands really badly, basically calling light which is a kind of mindset you get into when multitabling stts at high blinds. It's simply acting without thinking and something I need to work on to get right.