Monday, March 17, 2008

Satts smatts

Played another couple of IO satts the weekend but no luck in Waterford or Galway. Cruised through the tournament in Waterford and had the chip lead with 130k of the 680k in play when the final table started but that went badly. With three tickets up for grabs I was in a great position as most of the final table wanted money and I had it worked out that if I could of gotten close to 200k with 6 players left I could of negotiated a ticket for myself. I lost 30k in each of two pots where I had hit two pair on paired flops, eventually going out pushing 10 BBs AQ into KK in 6th after about two hours of looking down at 25os, got a €1000 consolation anyway.

Another three seats on offer in Galway the following night but went out with about 14 left. This was a faster structure then the night before and although I never really got above average stack was just starting to fancy my chances when a client called my pre raise with J3. Blinds were 1k2k with an ante and I had raised to 6k of my 25k with Q10 and pushed on a KhJhx flop but was called by Jh3h. I think its a standard call on the flop but wtf is he doing in the hand.

I'll probably throw €900 at the city west satt on wednesday but if i don't run good in that I wont be buying in. A couple of people have contacted me with staking offers but I'm not going to avail of them. I'm very grateful for the offers but TBH if I'm not prepared to gamble with my own money on the event how ethical is it to do so with others. Best of luck to everyone I know playing especially Derek Murry from Galway and Chris and the Fox from the deise