Monday, April 6, 2009

Whose a Star in Mullingar

Made my debut in Mullingar at the Brucepoker live game Friday night. I did a little better then my previous two outings reaching the final four tables. Pat who I traveled up with finished 7th for €750 and Paul Smallwood who took over bounty duty bubbled.

Numbers were a down a bit at 103 but a respectable turnout all the same. I went out pushing 50k over a cutoff 12k open from the button with QK but the BB woke up with AQ. The bigblind in the hand did a great Jamie Gold impression on the night knocking out a huge percentage of the field a looked the winner from a long way out, WP.

I played the IO satt in Olympus today Sunday. God I played bad in this going out with about 26 of the 64 starters remaining with a miss timed re steal. The highlight of my play had to be when I called off 8k over the turn and river, holding a massive ten high while my opponent held quads. The table got a right buzz off that, I had misread my hand and thought I held a straight. If I play this badly next week I'll be minced meat.

One thing I do have going for me next week is I owe my mate Derek Murry a few percent of me since he played the EPT in France. Derek is so lucky for those he has a piece of that people are actually giving him a few percent for luck. Unfortunately for Der he broke his leg and wont be playing himself.

I'll head up to the City West Thursday, a few of us have a round of golf booked for around 3.30. A nice dinner in the Asian restaurant in the golf hotel and a couple of pints is the plan for the evening. I wont however be giving a re run of the last three Irish Opens and playing day one with a massive hangover; famous last words.