Friday, September 25, 2009

No London

Was toying with the idea of going to London for a couple of the EPT side events but decided against it. I do not enjoy playing in England and when I weighted it up I just decided I didn't want to go. Inertia probably best describes my view on poker the last few weeks as I've had no real enthusiasm about playing. I wasn't even going to go to Killarney next week but its to much value to miss and I'll be there.

October is a good month in Ireland with the Killarney festival the IPO and the Winter Festival. Its been to long since I've hit a final table of a decent game so hopefully I can right that in October. I only played one other WCOOP event after the $1k NLH; a $200 NL O8 tourney and cashed for double my buy in. With the long nights and bad weather setting in I really should start some kind of grind online. There was a time I really enjoyed grinding online but seems these days I'd rather open betfair then a poker site.

In another two months I'll have been playing full time four years. I suppose when you've been at something as intense as poker full time, there has to come periods where you just don't want to play and thats where I'm at at the moment. However, I know I'll get the juices flowing again soon enough and be playing with the vigour that I always have.