Monday, September 7, 2009

Whose the Monkey on the Box

Played the late night pokerstars which is going out on RTE late September. Didn't exactly cover myself in glory. My heat was changed from the original line up with Fintan and John Higggins swapping with Padraig and Ken Doherty to an earlier heat. I've seen the results posted so I guess I can blog my unspectacular performance. It's 100k starting with blinds 1/2 going up every 18 hands.

I raise a good few pots early with total rubbish and showed so when i picked up Ak I raised to 7k ( blinds 1k 2k ) as I felt there was a decent chance I'd get three bet so wanted to inflate the pot a little so I could four bet shove. Bernard Dunne called from the button. He had spewed about 40% of his stack in the first few hands and I had him pegged as particularly clueless. I miss the two club flop and C-bet 11k which he calls. When the flush completes on the turn, I shove, which in reality is a pot sized second barrel bluff because of his stack. Unfortunately he holds Ac3c for the nuts.

He gets more of my chips when he limps in early as do two others and I complete with KJ, blinds 2k4k. Flop Jxx and I check. Bernard bets 4k, 1 BB, I call. I check/call 8k on brick turn and the same river to be shown QQ. This leaves me with 5bb. I double against Fintan AQ v 89 but go out shortly after pushing 10 BBs with K10 into Bernard's A10. Definitely not my greatest 40 minutes poker and gonna look a bit of a monkey on TV but should have good metagame benefits anyway :-)