Friday, October 26, 2007

To EPT or not to EPT that is the ?

I played a €1k entry 8 man stt in Drogheda last night and managed to take it down. I was short stacked with only 5k of the 80k in play with six left but got there in the end with good cards good moves and good luck. I won a crucial 30/70 with A9 Vs 1010 with 4 players left and chopped a pot against the short stack with A7 Vs A10 with three left. The heads up was against a player I didn't know and while a little unorthodox he was a very good and tricky opponent. The headsup lasted two hours and swung many times. I pulled off a crucial river bluff with jack high on a 99763 board which would of crippled me but gave me 75% of the chips when it came off and I finished it off soon after. But with one prize this was a real pressure heads up and I was very happy to come out on top.

But now I have a decision to make, I thought the club had the ticket bought but was handed €8000 cash when the tournament. it really is a hard one if I was handed a ticket well I wouldn't sell and play but to be handed 8k is different. I've always been of the opinion that buying into one ept is -ev and that I would never buy into one unless I could buy into at least five the same year. I know the variance would be still huge but I always felt that if I played five of these in one year I would have a run at one at least. Its not a choice of playing the other lower buy-in events coming up I'd be playing those anyway but rather do I put 8k down- a significant % of my roll- for one tournament. ATM I'm probably leaning towards being prudent and not buying in but don't be surprised to see me there on the day 4-betting scandies.

I must say that they run a great show in the club and have some great stuff going on for the players. Cash league with a car first prize, 2.5k badbeat and etp Prague and wsop freeroll leagues coming up. Having said that you can win a dartboard in blazingaces :-)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Playing well/ Ceasars palace EPT sat

I hope I don't put the blink on myself but for the first time in over a year I feel I'm playing well Live. I cant really put my finger on it but know that for some reason I'm really on top of my game ATM. I haven't been on any great run of results or anything but in conversation with Danny the other night I told him that I feel I'm playing the best poker of my life. It just seems I'm seeing every thing at the tables and hopefully I can turn my play into another big result before the end of the year.

I can honestly say that for about 15 months I haven't been happy with my game and up to a month ago wasn't even enjoying playing since I had returned from Vegas. For some reason in the last month my enthusiasm for the game has returned.

Played the ETP sat in New Ross but unfortunately only 22 runners for the €300+20 game so not enough for a ticket. In fairness Seamus offered to make up the difference for the ticket before the final table started but some of the players wanted to just play for the money on a normal payout structure. I wanted to play for the ticket obviously but some of the players had satted in and the money on offer was decent so I cant really blame them. One prize events are basically heartache most of the time. Anyhow there was a four way split for €1500 each which I didn't mind doing as it was = to the 2nd place money and I had a splitting headache and the cards had just seemed to be starting to run against me.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

IPO/Golf Killarney/Snooker

Played the IPO and finished about 150/160th. Got a decent stack at one stage and played pretty well but towards the end of day one decided that it was going to be monster stack for day two or home. Three fast race losses and a donk of my last few chips meant it was the latter. It was amazing to see nearly 1100 players in one spot in Ireland and while many problems were encountered over the two days I think overall the tournament can be considered a success. I’m sure it gave many aspiring players there first taste of what a bigger event is like to play and at €150 I’d say everyone got value for money.

Ah to golf, Sideshow was good enough to invite me to what must be one of the most exclusive courses in the country during the week. The Old head in Kinsale is simply breathtaking as a golf course its €1200 for a tee off time so a nice freebee and I repaid bobs generosity by taking his money on the course. Here’s a link to the courses site there’s a video in the bottom left of the home page that gives a taste of this unique course but it doesn’t do the place justice. I was well impressed; it’s worth a look

Travelled down to Killarney for the cue club monthly. As ever the trip to Kerry usually becomes more of a social occasion. The event was the clubs new €200 monthly and had good starting numbers at 55. I over did the social aspect of it and actually had to ask Connie on sunday where I’d finished after about 20 pints of Heineken. So a sixth place for €715 was better then expected considering my condition.

As a bonus I still managed to pawn Flipper on the snooker for a tun on Sunday morning as well, sweet.

structures getting over the top ?

well the first time I encountered over 10k in a decent buy in was last years GJP game. I thought at the time and still do that 15k and the 60 minute clock was a magic structure ( although I'd rather antes, a subjective preferance ). Bigslick followed this structure for there game the Waterford open and again a super structure was in place. The macau then introduced a 75 minute clock with two added key levels for there 10k starting stack summer festival. This worked very well and the structure was every bit as good as the previous two mentioned events.

Now coming up we have the macau xmass 75 minute clock 15k stack. Next year JP and Bigslick have 20k stacks and 60 minute clocks while GJP have just announced the 50k starting stack game. While I'm against denouncing something without trying it I fear that the optimum structure may of been reached with last year games. I remember a conversation with Dathio at this years Waterford open where we were of the opinion that the event structure was borderline to slow and anything more would just be to much. While I hope to play the GJP JP and BS events next year I feel that line has been crossed

Feast or famine

From a players point of view this year has either been a feast or famine. We had the IPC in January IO April ant then three conservative tournaments in may. Then nothing for five months (bar the hastily put together mini festival in the emporium but 77 runners isn't really great).

Now over a two-month period we've got a glut of tournaments again. ETP Bigslick Fitz Emporium Macau. I have no doubt that of the organisers are losing players because of the cluster in dates. I Know I for one wont play them all in that short a period but maybe would of if there was a better spread and I think I'm not alone.

I think that the IO EPT and IPC are fixed in the calendar. I don't know but it doesn't seem like rocket science that the other promoters of major events could get together and work a calendar around these events for a better spread of the bigger buy in tournaments. I'm sure it will insure better numbers for all events.

For 2007 it seems all big tournaments ran early April to early June then late October to early December, meaning that the year had the nine big events in the country which were run over four months and a three and five month gap without one. Its really just common sense that the people involved in organising the tournaments get together and come up with a better spread calendar.

Monday, October 1, 2007

JPs monthly/IPO

Drove up to dublin for this today only 38 runners which was a little disappointing. This is a well structured well run event and deserves to be supported. Went out on the bubble of the final table when I made a big call with KQ to a four bet push. He had QJ and if i had avoided the J on the turn I had a double the average stack on the final table but wasn't to be. Losing a 70/30 usually doesn't bother me very much and had this been AK v AQ it would of been water off a ducks back but I felt a little aggrieved after making such a huge call. Gholimoli had more chips then jamie gold when I left so I imagine he took it down.

Looking forward to next weeks IPO. I must say i was a little sceptical as to whether this would work but with 800 registered tonight my hats off to Stephen/Derek and Anna it's great to see there hard work rewarded.