Sunday, June 27, 2010

1k event

AS myself Tommy, Derek and Jude were driving to the Rio for yesterdays $1,000 buy in 3k, the discussion was how many of us would make level seven through the dinner break. The general consensus was if one of us made it then that would equal par.

As it happened three of us did but only Jude lasted the extra couple of levels to the end of play.

It's was nice to get some kind of a run on my first event. At a couple of stages I got relatively decent stacks together. In level 5 I had 12k before a few setbacks and hit dinner with 6k.

I played well in level seven and got it up to 13k, but level eight went bad and I ended up shoving 78 clubs on the button into AJ. I played well over the day but did get a little frustrated towards the end when things went against me, it does take a little time to get accustomed to and not let the yanks annoy.

I was on Judes table and he finished with 30k which is nicely above average. We more or less just stayed out of each other's way, but he is a very impressive player.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Eventful enough

Flight's over were fine without turbulence thank god. Played 27 holes of golf on Thursday morning with Marty and Tommy "nine life's" Finnernan. Marty wrote recently about all the percentages he was going to win off people on the course but he got off to a bad start losing 3% to me here.

At one stage in the round I was taking a bend fairly fast and Tommy was flung from the cart. Had to be seen to be believed but how Tom escaped serious injury god will only know.

Id regged for Fridays $1,500 and headed for Paul Lucy's party at the high roller villa in the Mirage. I've honestly never seen such opulence, the pad was truly amazing. Everyone showed and it was a right craic. Although going there I was hopeful of someone better to share the huge hot tub with then Paul Carr and Derek Murry. Fair play to Paul for going to the effort of putting this on it really was a great night.

I didn't hang the dog and was fresh enough getting ready to hit the Rio this morning when I got a phone call from Tommy. He was in hospital and needed me to go and get him out as they wouldn't release him of his own accord. When I got there it was worrying as he was out cold with an impressive array of tubes and monitors sticking out of him, thankfully he was fine though. Seemingly the taxi he was heading home in was involved in a three car smash.

By the time I got through this I'd missed the first two levels of the $1,500 when they take the chips out of play. I'm heading in later to get a refund and to reg for tomorrows $1k.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Off to the desert for a while

Flying out Wednesday to Las Vegas. I'd say I'm going with a mindset of pragmatic confidence. Anyone going there thinking there going to burst the place up is just being unrealistic

I was listening to a 2p2 podcast interview recently with George 'Jorj95' Lind. Lind who won the SCOOP player of the series, went 37 events at the 2009 WSOP without a cash. This may seem an awful run for a top player but its not really when you consider the field sizes.

A few years ago I used to play a lot of six man stts on-line. I was a decent winner in them and played near to perfect strategy. Once I hit a streak of 33 games without a cash.

If I was to say I'm going to Vegas and going to make a final table or win a certain amount of money over the seven or so tournaments I will play, it would just be foolish.

So what are my expectations for the trip? Well I'm going to play between 6-8 WSOP events with the lowest field being around 2000 runners. If I played seven I think I'd be slightly odds on to get a cash, maybe 5/6 or 4/5.

I think the main event is my best shot. It's a unique tournament with an unbelievable structure. I feel my skill set fits well with what's required to do well in it. I learned a lot about this event last year when I went out on day five in 350th. With half decent table draws, I'd probably make myself around 11/2 to hit the money again.

This will be my third trip to Vegas for the series and what ever happens I'll enjoy the whole experience. I started playing NLH five years ago in small pub games and feel very lucky to have progressed to play at the level I do. For me it doesn't get any bigger then the WSOP, I'm relishing the challenge of the next few weeks and just hoping the poker Gods might take a shine to me. Please, wish me luck!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Boyles are giving customers a chance win WSOP main event percentages of Marty the Multi, John O'Shea and myself from Monday at

Tournament Details

Tournament Promotion - Week 1 (Monday June 14th)
Mon - June 14th WSOPieces 1% of Marty $5 + $0.50
Tues - June 15th WSOPieces 1% of John $5 + $0.50
Wed - June 16th WSOPieces 1% of Nicky $10 + $1
Thurs - June 17th WSOPieces 1% of Multi $10 + 1
Fri - June 18th WSOPieces 1% Marty & 1% Nicky *Freeroll

*Fridays Tournament - Free entry if you have played two of the early tournaments. Please note: Multi = Peter “Multiplier” Murphy

Tournament Promotion - Week 2 (Monday June 21st)
Mon - June 21st WSOPieces 1% of Marty $10 + 1
Tues - June 22nd WSOPieces 1% of John $10 + $1
Wed - June 23rd WSOPieces 1% of Nicky $5 + 0.50
Thurs - June 24th WSOPieces 1% of Multi $5 + 0.50
Fri - June 25th WSOPieces 1% John & 1% Multi *Freeroll

*Fridays Tournament - Free entry if you have played two of the early tournaments.

VIP Players - Week 1 (Monday June 14th)
Stage 1
Mon - June 14th Earn 50 VIP points to qualify for Monday week 2 Freeroll
Tues - June 15th Earn 100 VIP points to qualify for Tuesday week 2 Freeroll
Wed - June 16th Earn 250 VIP points to qualify for Wednesday week 2 Freeroll
Thurs - June 17th Earn 500 VIP points to qualify for Thursday week 2 Freeroll

VIP Players - Week 2 (Monday June 21st)
Mon - June 21st VIP: WSOPieces 1% Multi From Mon June 14th
Tues - June 22nd VIP: WSOPieces 1% Nicky From Tues June 15th
Wed - June 23rd VIP: WSOPieces 1% John From Wed June 16th
Thurs - June 24th VIP: WSOPieces 1% Marty From Thurs June 17th
Fri - June 25th GRAND FINALE - WSOPieces 1% of ALL From all promotions

* GRAND FINALE - Open to every player who took part in any of the early promotions, both cash and tournament. First place will win 1% of each pro in the main event of the WSOP. There will be $500 Added to the prize pool for second place down. As a special bonus, if none of the four pros cash, the winner of the Grand Finale will be given a cash bonus equivalent to the second place cash.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Downtown Brown Floored

No poker of any consequence to report on as such. I've been playing the big Sundays the last few week. I seem to be amassing stacks early enough, converting to a few cashes, but nothing decent.

Really just getting a bit of practice in preparation for huge fields in Vegas. had a golf outing at the Kclub Friday and Saturday which was good craic. Fifteen of us played both specular courses in beautiful weather.

I was teamed with Paul Spillane and we dispatched Messrs Rory Brown and Tom Kitt handily enough on the Ryder cup course the Friday.

Rory is a good golfer and was assistant or trainee pro at the Kclub a few years back but doesn't play seriously these days.

Downtown brought in the big guns teaming with Chris Dowling on Saturday. Obviously feeling very confident of revenge they pushed to up the stakes. We played $200 front, back and overall and scooped the lot.

Very enjoyable, I played shite overall but was happy enough to win three holes for the team, Paul put in a blinder.

The lads will get there chance again in Vegas; gamblers > golfers again IMO.

One funny moment on the forth hole when we were on the green and a ball from the group behind nearly hit the green for the second hole running. Paul lost it a bit and let rip at Eoin Olin, who was standing 50 yards away from Ciaran Corbett who had actually hit the shot.

Overall a really good couple of days and I'm signed up for the next one already.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Good Luck Paul

Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine. ~Robert C. Gallagher

Paul Spillane announced on the irishpokerboards forum recently that he was parting ways with Boylepoker.

Under Paul’s guidance, Boylepoker has made great strides over the last two or so years. We moved from just being an online poker provider, to playing an integral part in the wider Irish poker scene.

The initiative to become the first Irish site to support and sponsor Irish players was a greatly welcomed by all players in the country.

Turning the, landing site into a semi social network, where thousands come every week to read the blogs, view videos and listen to radio- was a brilliant strategy, that created interaction and built relationships with customers.

Boyle’s involvement in the IPO gave everyone the opportunity to experience a major tournament for the cost of a monthly club game.

I think it’s fair to say Paul should be very proud of what he achieved in his time at Boylepoker. I’m sure the innovative, visionary and dynamic team he leaves behind will, build upon his legacy.

I should add my goodwill towards Paul exists only away from the golf course-on the course the guy has the morals Somali pirate.