Monday, July 28, 2008

4-bet shoving air

This is something thats been on my mind a bit and a play that should be in every players arsenal. It's a high risk play but if your continuously being 3-bet there comes a time when you gotta make this move. There should be a few factors in place when 4-betting someone most importantly folding equity. It's the type of play when it goes wrong you can look very stupid which is exactly how I felt when I pushed air into AA at JPs mini festival €250 game on Saturday.

There was about 30 of the 104 starters remaining when I shoved light and the fact that the guy facing the raise would of been getting 2/1 on his money regardless of his holdings made it a very retarded play by me. JP didn't help my spot as he decided to turn into bigslick Kelly and for the first time over the tournament grabbed the mike to declare that Nicky Power was all in with shit Vs AA, nice one thanks for that JP!

Truth be told I hadn't played very well and most of the 60k I had lost in that hand were won in a sick four flush suck out on the misfortunate Oz. I have a bit of record of sucking out on that guy but he is a proper player and always takes it very well. In general I feel that I'm playing fairly poorly for a couple of months now and it's something I need to sort.

The new casino in the city west looks a great spot for poker. The venue and facilities are excellent and hopefully JP is onto a winner here as in my book he runs the best show in town.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Well that's whom my sponsorship deal is with. Bruce are one of Ireland's largest independent bookmakers and are launching on the Ongame network. The following statement was posted on the Brucepoker home page yesterday

Brucepoker have signed Nicky Power to represent the New entrant to the online poker market. Nicky will be promoting the Bruce brand at all the major tournaments in both Ireland and the UK Including the upcoming Irish Classic, Irish Masters, the GUKPT final the IPC and Irish Open 2009.

A native of county Waterford, Power has firmly established himself as one of Ireland’s poker elite over the past three years. His biggest payday was when he Final tabled the 2007 Irish Open for 100,000 euro and Nicky has amassed a great number of tournament victory’s in a relatively short time playing.

Nicky’s popularity, enthusiasm and character at the table’s as well as his great skill made him the obvious choice for us”, said head of poker at Bruce, Paul Smallwood.

I’m excited to have signed with and to have the opportunity to represent them” said Power. ”The poker software and choice of games on offer are excellent and being involved with such a trusted and innovative outfit as Bruce’s is a great honour for me!

The Brucepoker website will include Nicky’s popular blog with regular tournament reports as well as strategy advice and will serve as a place to follow his progress throughout the poker world.

I’d like to thank everyone who wished me well in both threads on and in this blog, I’m very flattered by the amount of people who have taken the time to post and really appreciate it.

Thank you to Paul Smallwood and for this opportunity. I’ve known Paul for a number a number of years now and we have always been good mates so I’m looking forward to working with him over the coming year. I cant wait to get my teeth into my new roll for and cant think of a better place to start than my old stomping ground the Macau for the Classic festival.

It’s a great opportunity that have given me, I wish them every success in their new venture into the online poker market. I’m very proud to be representing such a well-respected and trusted Irish company as Bruce and hope to prove myself a worthy investment.

On a personal level being a sponsored player definitely changes things for me. While I feel the deal brings a degree of continuity to my progression as a player it also brings a number of different elements to my poker and how I'm perceived at the tables.

I think there is definitely added pressure on me to achieve results and It's also more important that I behave in a professional manner as I am acting as a branch of a larger entity. I like to think I always carried myself very well while playing but I need to be aware that its not just myself I'm representing anymore. As for the added pressure, well I have always produced my best game under pressure so maybe I can channel this to my advantage.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sponsorship Deal

I have been in negotiations with an online site for the last few months with a view to becoming a sponsored representative for the site at live tournaments. I'm delighted to report that a package has been agreed for me covering all the big Irish events for the coming year including the Classic, Masters, IPC and Irish Open and a number of events in Briton including the GUKPT grand final.

I'm not going to say just yet whom the deal is with as I think it's only right that the other party be allowed to release the details. I'm very happy about the deal and its a great boost to my confidence to be considered and approached for sponsorship.

On the WSOP front most of the guys are gone, my good friend Gavin in the most unfortunate circumstances. He had to return home because of a death in the family and his stack was blinded away on day two. I have no doubt that Gavin will have huge success in tournament poker in the future as he seems to have recently acquired real hunger for it. This off course will just complement his already mightily impressive cash game success.

I was delighted to see Reggie and Pat O' Callaghan make the money and was very disappointed to see Dave Murry and Gary Clarke just miss out. What a run Hawkeye in on, lets hope his money isn't stolen after this ride.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Goodfellas at the WSOP

Its been a good 2008 Vegas for the Irish, five final tablets including Marty taking down the $10k PLO championship event. I first played with Marty in the 2006 IO in Jury's and really like the guy but it's hard not to like him . I don't think I ever herd anyone have anything bad to say about him and the phenomenal success he has had the last couple of years is testament that the good guys can come out on top in this game.

With the first three day ones of the main event over many of my friends have played and seemingly the the Irish run is continuing. A number of mates who's blogs are linked here are going well. My bud Valor has an average stack and says he is probably Fav to win it now day one is out of the way, he is probably right. Rag2gar aka Gary Clarke has a healthy 80k in chips and what a story a deep run here would be after the saga on boards re the package he won a few months back. I think Dara is still in short but that wont faze him. Reggie has the opportunity to put the cardshark broke wind up merchants to sleep for good as he is in with an above average stack also and Dave roundtower Murry who finished 42nd in the event in 2006 has a near 70k stack. With Marty, Padraig, Ciaran and a few more I think also still in Hopefully the march of the good guys continues.