Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Really not much to post about. Played twice live since my last post, both small local games. The monthly game at Olympus where I never got going and winning an €80 buy in for a grand on my first visit to the skyline club in Clonmel yesterday. Smashing little spot there if anyone gets the chance to visit.

My most enjoyable games in the last two months have been a local pub game where I meet up with two of my brothers on a Wednesday. The great thing about this one is the lock in with ashtrays out at 11. I've always loved a good pub game and this one is the best in Waterford since the legendary nineteen game back in 2006.

I haven't had a bet in about ten days which is for the best. Went a bit nuts for about a week after the winter festival ( was definitely tilting after that tournament ). Did some serious damage but took a pull just in time. History generally repeats itself with my punting. I can go for months betting astutely using a good bankroll/staking plan and then boom all hell breaks loose. I end up doing my stones wagering way bigger then normal on basically anything without rhyme nor reason. A particularly sickener was having a grand on Mickelson to win in Singapore and not backing him the following week when he wins in Shanghai.

The only upside to this is I'll probably have to start playing online soon out of total boredom. Really missing the old game of golf. Spent the week railing Isildur on full tilt. Interesting stuff and the Pill Babb angle is hilarious although I'm unsure if its healthy for a 40 year old to be trolling 2+2 as much as I have been on that.

Probably not going to bother with the Fitz festival this week. I've never played it as card room festivals in the capital just don't appeal. The Macau festival is on the week after, was a little disappointed to see the buy in reduced from €1100 to €550 but I guess its a sign of the times, should be a good festival as ever eitherway.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No Focus

Played three events at JPs mini world series the weekend before the last without a result. The main event I went back Saturday with a healthy 40k. Had a rush of cards that I havent seen in ages; AA twice KK QQ, flopping a set and was out within an hour of play. Funny old game. Played the €250 game and ran kk into Ak in about level seven I think and no good in the Sunday shootout either. A great addition to the calendar and as ever with JPs games, ran to perfection.

I'm playing no poker outside the big festivals in Ireland since the summer and really need to find some focus and get some kinda of grind going. Be better off playing STTs or something online then doing my stones on betfair anyway.

Big congrats to Derek Murry on wining FTOPs24 and a cool $125,000 last night. Was railing and chatting on msn with Derek for about the last six hours of the tournament and he put in an awesome performance. He hit the chip lead about 150 players out and was in total control all the way to the finishing line. Derek has hit the last 2/3 tables and run bad in similar events a lot so it was great to see him hit a big one, one for the good guys, WD m8