Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Monthly update

well I said I'd do a monthly update so....... Since I came back from Vegas I'm up about €3000 on live events and running Ok online. I wont be giving detailed P&L type updates but will say how I'm running. Did venture up to Fintans new club in galway last friday for a €300 freeze out but blew my chips with about 20 of the 55 runners left. Smashing club and I'd say it will do very well. Played the JP €250 monthly sunday, I had come third in his previous weeks €150 for €800 but no joy in this one when my KK was no good against A10 all-in pre. This would put me well above the average two tables out and I would of fancied my chances but an A on the turn put paid

Not much happening over the coming month will play the Macau monthly tomorrow and Connies summer festival is on in the cueclub Killarney next weekend. I will be more focased on the piss up rather then the poker but recommend heading down to the kingdom to everyone the craic is always great and Connie is a great host. Apart from those two don't know what I'll play; only been tapping away a little online so going to play a bit more and will have a few stabs at the WOSPE on betfair