Friday, August 17, 2007

Bankroll on stars sorted

been trying to get a bit of a roll going here for a while and chopped the $25 25k guarantee last night for 5k which gives me something to work off on the site. The tournament itself had 1291 starters so never easy to get through that size of field no matter what the standard.

I hit the chip lead 130 out and kept it until there was seven left when I took a few big hits. Although its only a small tournament two things pleased me. To keep a chip lead for that stretch of a tournament is not easy. To do shows that I was playing good big stack poker, I felt I pulverised the tables I was on from ten tables out. The second thing that I was happy with was over coming momentum stoppers I took two big hits with seven left. Recently I haven't been bouncing back when the chip stack starts to dwindle but here I was very aware of this and consciously focused more rather then letting the hits affect me.

Was unlucky not to go really deep in the 45k guarantee there tonight when I lost a double average pot with 100 of the 1400 starters left with AK v KQ. When the chips went in I thought I was getting a stack to utilise again.

No good in kerry the weekend lost a race with three tables left. The club looks great after the refurbishments and the draught heineken is a great addition. Kerry is always a great spot to get away to for a poker weekend and I strongly recommend anyone who hasn't been to one of Connie's festivals to get down there, I guarantee you'll go back