Thursday, August 9, 2007

A post out of boredom

right I'm at a loose end boards is dead I don't feel like playing and the weather's to bad for golf and oh yeah I gotta stop turning on the racing channels at moments like this. So a good time to start rambling here.

I'm still just messing around online I don't think I've had more then four tables open at one time since the end of may now. This will change soon I have two plans of attack on my mind either I'm going to bang out 2000 £50 sixpacs or I'm going to start playing cash.

If I go at the sixpacs running medium to bad i should net 8500 Stirling over the 2000 games including rakeback which I intend to play around with on cash starting at 2/5 if crypto 2/4 another site. The other option is to just start playing cash. I might just lodge $600 on stars and grind it up from the .50/1. I'd really like to get a decent bankroll going on stars because in reality it the only place to qualify for major events. I also think it might be a good place to learn to beat cash because I guess if you can make it there you can make it anywhere!

In the week since I posted I just played the Macau €200 but ran top two into a flopped straight. Online a tournament I've been playing a lot is the £2,500 gar head hunter on crypto, £20 entry. There's only about £600 to be won in this but the format makes for a great craic. Half the pot goes to your scalp value and when you knock someone out you get 75% of there scalp value and 25% of that value is added to your head. Makes for something different and I think playing such a format can add to a mtt players game. I've won it twice and came third twice in the last two weeks winning saturday for £375 and £220 in heads.

on sunday I came 11th in the betfair $50k for $600 was cruising third in chips with about 15 left but took a big hit and never recovered. I lost a buy in at $5/$10 PLO after the pub monday night having trebled my stack I lost the biggest online cash hand I ever played, I knew where I was when the chips went in but running sixes counterfeited my aces busting plan. I didn't really mind as I bought in with the $1k to gamble and have since ground it back.

The betfair tournament got me thinking about my recent tournament performances. In a five week period from the start of june I had three chances of a big score. The macau €1500 where I had chip lead and finished 12th. That £1000 entry crypto tourney where I came 18th, there was £75 k first prize in that one and the tournament in the Venetian where I came 10th for $6.5 had a $186k first prize. I had average chip with 14 players left in that one.

In general I would expect to have at least on top three finish from three opportunities like that. I always thought of myself as a closer of tournaments and if we throw the irish open into the mix maybe I will have to re-assess my strategy and play a little less aggressive from two tables out in tournaments.

Well that's enough rambling for the time being.