Monday, February 18, 2008

a little golf then poker

I can handle any poker downswings and generally running badly but Dannydiamond slaughtering me on the the golf course is just to much to take. You see while I'm a terrible golfer Danny was worse so at least I could beat him the majority of the time and as he has been there for 70% of the rounds ive played over the last two years Danny made being bad bearable. Then something happened around last September that nearly finished me with golf, yes my worst nightmare Danny got better. This was really brought home to me today while Danny was coasting another five iron to the green eventually murdering me by a double figure score. The worst thing in all this is that I know for sure now that it was me that brought this improvement to Danny's game.

You see last September at a poker tournament I was having a conversation about how bad I was at golf with a friend. He asked why I kept playing and I told him I extremely enjoyed playing and at least I hardly ever got the wooden spoon as Danny usually played. I then used the analogy of the ugly bird who hung around with an ugly fat bird to make herself feel better. When I turned around Danny was standing right behind us having herd the whole conversation. The next time we played Danny won, I didn't take much notice as he won the very odd time anyway but when he won the next four times we played I was a bit taken aback. I started to watch him closer to see what he was doing different apart from hitting the ball better. After a while I noticed that he seemed to be saying, mumbling something to himself during his pre-shot routine.

My assumption was that he was going through a verbal drill he has picked up somewhere, something along the lines of keep your head down make sure you follow through ect ect. It got the better of me today and when he was setting up to play the par three sixteenth I snuck up behind him to try hear the mantra he had been repeating on every shot. I'll show that baldy fucker whose an ugly fat bird was what he was repeating to himself. I'm getting lessons next week!

My recent poker consisted of playing two IO satts, one in new ross friday night and the Ipoker sunday and the 2 million game on fulltilt last night. Early baths in the satts and the hand posted below sent me packing in the fulltilt thing with about 80% of the field gone. I was speaking to Valor about the hand after as he had been watching and we were chatting on msn. He confirmed to me what I had been thinking anyway that a 3bet call push is a better line then the shove with the AK in that spot for a number of reasons. While I don't think shoving over a cut off raise is that terrible in the spot its not the optimal line either and I'm fairly sure that the decision to shove stems from playing to many stts. Its something I need to be aware of and used to happen to me when I first started playing a lot of stts. I basically become a shove happy pushing nut. Once I recognised it before it wasn't a problem however I hadn't been playing stts for a while and it has obviously crept into my game again but as I said awareness is the answer so should be sorted now I have recognised it again. Ps its a very old account so excuse the naivety of the alias.