Saturday, February 16, 2008

Running bad ATM

I got up this morning and stopped for petrol on the drive to Tramore for some breakfast. I like statoil coffee but the seven flasks in the station were empty, the first time I ever encountered this. Needing my caffeine fix I decide to drop into mcdonalds and while I'm not a great fan of the place I decide to have a breakfast there for convenience. It's nearly empty and the girl behind the counter gives me my coffee and tells me she will drop down the breakfast momentarily. Twenty minutes later I return to the counter and ask if she has forgotten about me, I eventually get to eat a rather unsatisfactory breakfast. With time on my hands I decide to go to Tramore anyway and hit a few golf balls in the driving range. I stop at newtown cove for some air and to watch the sea ( I like the sea ) . When I return to the car which is parked on a down slope I put it in reverse, the gear doesn't click and I roll forward into a small wall which I'm parked to close to before I can break. I'm running bad ATM and I ain't gonna even start about poker.