Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Played a couple of tournaments in Clonmel, last few days. Sunday I traveled to play the bigslick €250 FO but ended up playing the CPT game in the park hotel which was €200 with a €100 re-buy or top-up. I enjoyed myself, the table I was at that the standard was excellent overall, there was 6 very good players on it, but I'd say this was just variance. Got a bit drunk and talked a women into calling my 33 120k push with A8 with 26 players left, the blinds were 5k/10k at the time and I was BB and she had limped. 44k was the prizepool so a decent payday was possible had I won that or indeed another couple of races, but as Bops so eloquently put it on boards I seemed to be racing with one leg on the night. Monday night I reached the last two tables of the bigslick €150 FO and enjoyed the game while never really getting going in the tournament.

I've decided not to bother with the GJP main event this week. I wrote about my thoughts on the structure when this game was announced and never really fancied the game in all honesty, that slow a structure just isn't appealing to me. I probably should still be playing the event but with my mindset the way it is it just seems I would be dumping €1500+expenses. I'll probably head up Saturday for the €500 event though.

All in all it looks like February is going to be a very quiet month, will play an IO satt in New Ross and another in the Emporium probably and the Bigslick team event is on but thats about it. In general I have a pretty sick record in live satellites but I think if I don't get a ticket in the IO from the two mentioned attempts I wont play anymore and just buy in. I know my mind well and if I was to play the event having spent over half the €4500 entry in satellites it would effect my disposition during the event. With all the satellites being run over the next five weeks giving myself a couple to focus on is the thing to do anyway, I'd imagine a player could play at least two live satellites a week from now until the event if so inclined.