Monday, July 28, 2008

4-bet shoving air

This is something thats been on my mind a bit and a play that should be in every players arsenal. It's a high risk play but if your continuously being 3-bet there comes a time when you gotta make this move. There should be a few factors in place when 4-betting someone most importantly folding equity. It's the type of play when it goes wrong you can look very stupid which is exactly how I felt when I pushed air into AA at JPs mini festival €250 game on Saturday.

There was about 30 of the 104 starters remaining when I shoved light and the fact that the guy facing the raise would of been getting 2/1 on his money regardless of his holdings made it a very retarded play by me. JP didn't help my spot as he decided to turn into bigslick Kelly and for the first time over the tournament grabbed the mike to declare that Nicky Power was all in with shit Vs AA, nice one thanks for that JP!

Truth be told I hadn't played very well and most of the 60k I had lost in that hand were won in a sick four flush suck out on the misfortunate Oz. I have a bit of record of sucking out on that guy but he is a proper player and always takes it very well. In general I feel that I'm playing fairly poorly for a couple of months now and it's something I need to sort.

The new casino in the city west looks a great spot for poker. The venue and facilities are excellent and hopefully JP is onto a winner here as in my book he runs the best show in town.