Friday, July 11, 2008

Sponsorship Deal

I have been in negotiations with an online site for the last few months with a view to becoming a sponsored representative for the site at live tournaments. I'm delighted to report that a package has been agreed for me covering all the big Irish events for the coming year including the Classic, Masters, IPC and Irish Open and a number of events in Briton including the GUKPT grand final.

I'm not going to say just yet whom the deal is with as I think it's only right that the other party be allowed to release the details. I'm very happy about the deal and its a great boost to my confidence to be considered and approached for sponsorship.

On the WSOP front most of the guys are gone, my good friend Gavin in the most unfortunate circumstances. He had to return home because of a death in the family and his stack was blinded away on day two. I have no doubt that Gavin will have huge success in tournament poker in the future as he seems to have recently acquired real hunger for it. This off course will just complement his already mightily impressive cash game success.

I was delighted to see Reggie and Pat O' Callaghan make the money and was very disappointed to see Dave Murry and Gary Clarke just miss out. What a run Hawkeye in on, lets hope his money isn't stolen after this ride.