Sunday, July 6, 2008

Goodfellas at the WSOP

Its been a good 2008 Vegas for the Irish, five final tablets including Marty taking down the $10k PLO championship event. I first played with Marty in the 2006 IO in Jury's and really like the guy but it's hard not to like him . I don't think I ever herd anyone have anything bad to say about him and the phenomenal success he has had the last couple of years is testament that the good guys can come out on top in this game.

With the first three day ones of the main event over many of my friends have played and seemingly the the Irish run is continuing. A number of mates who's blogs are linked here are going well. My bud Valor has an average stack and says he is probably Fav to win it now day one is out of the way, he is probably right. Rag2gar aka Gary Clarke has a healthy 80k in chips and what a story a deep run here would be after the saga on boards re the package he won a few months back. I think Dara is still in short but that wont faze him. Reggie has the opportunity to put the cardshark broke wind up merchants to sleep for good as he is in with an above average stack also and Dave roundtower Murry who finished 42nd in the event in 2006 has a near 70k stack. With Marty, Padraig, Ciaran and a few more I think also still in Hopefully the march of the good guys continues.