Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All Roads lead to Tramore

Almost back to normal after the month in Vegas. Sleep pattern has been messed up alright but that's to be expected. On reflection I'm happy with how the trip went, got a semi deep run at the greatest tournament in the world, had a great month in the sun and came home with a few bob so all in all happy enough. Of course I would of loved to have gotten my hands on a few chips on day five and been able to express myself but overall I played the hand I was dealt as well as anyone could and I have gleaned a lot of experience from the 35 hours play I lasted in the tournament. Hopefully this will stand to my benefit in future WSOPs if I'm lucky enough to be in a position to play them.

On a related note. Opened my case last Friday after leaving Vegas last Wednesday. Leaflet inside saying it was searched by US customs; assuming this was either in Vegas or New York as baggage was transferred to connecting flight. I had put the laptop in the suitcase and I'm assuming the customs never put it back in when they finished the search as it was in its own case on top of everything else when I packed. After three days trying to get someone at air lingus they tell me its not there problem and give me a number for Shannon and JFK airports. Anyone have any experience on what avenues I should be tackling to chase this down.

Finally this weekend sees the inaugural sponsored Waterford Masters. Bigslick had run the Waterford open the last few years but they had nothing planned this year with there focus on there big Killarney game. Myself, Fox and Seamus with Pronutz and Bruce's on board decided to put on the Waterford Masters to produce a quality event for the southeast. ATM it looks that its a sellout with the 200 capacity reached. Top class players are heading to Tramore from all over the country and a fantastic weekends poker is promised.