Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Goodnight from Las Vegas

I was disappointed after my exit yesterday but today its all history. In all fairness I was always just hanging in hoping to hit a rush so cant be that upset going out. Played golf with Marty yesterday afternoon and again today which was enjoyable as usual; the gambling has increased over the last few rounds but no-one getting that much ahead.

Tony/Flushdraw on boards asked me some questions on boards that were interesting, I'll post them below.

Before you played, you would have had an expectation from the tournament, did you exceed it or fall short?

When I started playing I'd go into tournaments thinking to myself I'm gonna win this or whatever but I never have any expectations entering any tournament these days so i suppose cashing does exceed what I'd expect.

Related to above, if you got a decent run of premium cards, would you have fancied yourself for a really deep finish?

Well I don't know, I saw some relatively big stacks come and go over the four days so I guess that could of been me, my stack was relatively easy to play without any big decisions. I felt going back yesterday if I could hit a few hands I could get to the last 100 or even 50 and then take it from there. With the blinds so big at that stage a big stack is never far away. A double and treble up would of put me well over a million. I knew going into yesterday that I would have to go to and win at showdown something I was able to avoid the whole way through. If I could of had the AK in that hand and picked up a hand or two after I could of went deep. I think there was loads of people playing once they made the money more or less thought that was there job done and were quiet happy to go home. I wasnt one of them, I wanted it and was prepared for the deep run.

How tough was it to stay focused for the duration?

I really just played in the moment, its just so big that I just kept telling myself all I can control is playing my table and my hand. I think I had a better sence of achievement half way through day three when all the players were in one room for the first time then when the money was broke

Any preperation you would change for next time?

None, I played the main event in 2007 and knew I got it all wrong preperation wise. This time I got it totally right "for me". I honestly dont think I could of sat down each day in better shape.

Who was the toughest opponent you faced?

A young swede who was 2nd in the masters classic last year was very impressive on day two when he had chips. He lost them to a guy that played a hand terribly against him and got lucky. Once he got shortish he wasn't a factor and rocked it but when he was flowing with chips he was very impressive. The table I was moved to at the end of day three looked very good but thankfully I was there for only 30 mins, during that time I saw Kenny Tran butcher a hand that cost him 400k, he may of lost the chips anyway but the way they went in was woeful.

Best hand played?

Hugely marginal re-re-steel on day three, 3-better had no F/E but I was confident all the planets were aliened. I have know doubt this hand was essential in me making the money.

Worst hand played?

The kd3d hand in level two of day one was the only hand I played badly but as Valor said it was a train wreck.

How much did Flippers bet with Hectorjelly spur you on?

I think Hector had slightly the best of it at 3/1 but only marginally, I'd say I was somewhere between 10/3 and 7/2 to cash. The table draw variance is something that cant be accounted for in such a bet and is a huge influence on the outcomes.

Whats next on the list?

Tramore, Friday week