Sunday, July 12, 2009

Short Day Four, in the Money

So through the less then scheduled three levels of day four. With 158k going back I was pretty confident of cashing. My main focus was to cash as this is no ordinary bubble. With the amount of cash on offer and also how far away the finishing line is, cashing rather then chip accumulation with my stack was always the focus.

Having said that I kinda gave myself a cut-off point, If I dropped below 100k with less then 40 to go to the money I was sitting in. I got to that point when I 3-bet a Danish player called uffer's, open of 11k to 33k with Ackc, it was checked down after a nine high three spade flop, he had two red fours. I had a chat with him having a smoke during the ten minute a hand actual bubble and he told me he was sponsored in as he was a stand up comedian and tv star in Denmark and wasn't much of a player; no shit.

I was basically in sit out mode after that hand, I did open shove 90k with kings blinds 2500/5000 500 ante, not 100% if this is the right play but I felt I needed another round if I was to have any chance of getting back into it when the bubble broke. We got to hand for hand fast enough; five off the money. Lost the first four in five hands but I think the last one took 12 hands at about eight minutes a hand, it was painful stuff.

I busted the bubble with about 75k and had it up to 185k when my table broke going into the last 30 minutes of play. My new table looked horrific, I was way the smallest stack with about four monsters including Kenny tran on my button and the two guys on my left over a million. I folded to the end of play without seeing a semblance of a hand although one hand made me smile. UTG raise to 16k and got three callers, I held 84os in bb and wish I had made a spewy call as the flop was 888 and two guys went to war.

I'm happy to make the money as the last three days play have been an epic grind with very little cards. However I think the two major factors in making the cash were my table draws and one sick shove I made yesterday. My tables on both days were about as good as you could get as a shortstack with no big stacked Lags. The shove was halfway through level four when I was down to 50k and felt I was going nowhere. The cut-off who was a light opener bet 6k and I was sure the buttons raise to 17k was a steel; I shoved my 50k from the BB with 10 4 os. Now the guy was getting like 75 for 33 for the call but I had a great Image and my hand had to look a monster, it was also costing him 60% of his stack. Thankfully he folded quickly and that gave me the spurt into the last level I needed.

So I'm back for day five with 3k less then I started today, on the bright side I've 19 bigblinds which will be easy enough to play and I'm only four doubles off being a clear chip leader.