Sunday, August 4, 2013

Galway UKIPT - get there by hook or crook

Two months ago there was a tournament held at Wembly stadium that had a €600,000 overly. It's a tournament that I have herd discussed a lot in poker circles since. Any of my friends that played the event were of the opinion that it was the best tournament they had ever played. The majority of players including myself have regrets of not playing that tournament.

This week in Galway the organisers for the UKIPT have assembled a purpose built world class poker arena in the heart of the city. They have guaranteed €1,000,000 for €1,100 buy in which is a colossal commitment on their behalf given the current trends of poker here in Ireland.

Much of the talk here in Galway is how big the overlay will be. The numbers being spouted about are ranging up to €400,000. My advice is don't be like me and all the other players after Wembly regretting not playing. This one is just a drive away so if it means raiding the kids piggy bank, mugging a granny or skimming the Xmas diddly club, every effort has to be made to get to Galway this coming week.    

I've been here a week now and it's all been socialising as was the plan. I've had a great time that involved racing, golf, swimming most days and drinking, lots of drinking. I've basically had a nice weeks holiday but the serious poker starts tomorrow with the €2,500 Irish Poker Championship.

As with the main event, it's a difficult call on what kind of numbers the IPC will get, but hopefully it's a good turnout. I've registered for day one B of the main which is Friday. The plan for the week is a deep run in the IPC and if that doesn't happen it'll be the same activities as last week minus the drinking, the liver has spoken.

Just to say again if you are in anyway considering attending Galway this week, just go for it. Even if the budget seems a stretch take the punt, if just to play one of the many satellites that run all week.