Friday, July 13, 2007

His sideshowsness 40th

Right I'm back from Vegas and off to the real capital for the big fellow's birthday bash. Hmmm lashing good Heineken and not dealing with American accents is appealing but the Cork accent is just as bad i suppose ah well the drink will be good.

As I said earlier I'll do a full review of my thoughts on Vegas later in the week. As for the blog well I have to decide but I wont be updating it with the nothingness of my weekley grind. Will probably do a monthly update and review any bigger tournaments I play.

The next few months of the Irish calendar look fairly baron for poker so after the Vegas review it could be quite here for a while. I'm looking at doing another challenge like the failed 35k stt one I did last year but this will be September before I get around to it. So my main aim ATM is to build a bankroll on stars for mtts and on the live seen I want to get to Briton for a couple of the £1k grosvenor events and try qualify for the wsop event in London in September I'll also try qualify for the crypto st kitts thing in november.

A friend just showed me this post irish open interview, I cant believe how happy I seem in it