Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thats it I'm off

thats it I'm off going to head home, three weeks+ in this place is enough for anyone me thinks. Played the $2500 in the Venetian without seeing a card for six, hour levels. Finally pick up kings in the bb playing 22k and UTG had pushed for 16 with AK the A on the river was annoying but not as annoying as what happened next.

Very next hand the table has 4 stacks between 4 and 6k including me utg pushes and the other two small stacks call one of the big stacks calls. I've got 8d 10d and decide this is a great spot to get m in . While the other big stack is deliberating a call my phone rings and dopey here answers it and the dealer mucks my hand. Needless to say the flop brought a 10 and 8.

So had A great time here but happy enough to get out of the place now. If I don't count the main event entry which didn't cost me anything then I'm ahead on poker for the trip. Its been a good experience and when I get back here the experience gained this time will be put to good use.

Anyone whose been following the blog well I hope you enjoyed it to some extent; probably a little boring at times but some of the stuff you just cant put out there. I'll do an update looking back next week so until then goodluck2him