Monday, July 16, 2007

Trip review


My first impression as we travelled to the house from the Airport is this place is a shithole and on the journey to the airport on the way home my opinion hadn’t changed but what a shithole. Now I’m not one to be seduced by shiny things and Vegas is simply the shiniest thing in the world. Having spent many summers holidays around Mediterranean resorts since the mid eighties the decadence of Vegas was nothing new to me its just on a larger scale there with gambling thrown in.

I enjoyed downtown its realer less pretentious and while they still want your greenback they seem to give something for it and don’t want to totally clean you out.


A number of people had told me that I would come back a better player. I don’t think I have. But what I learned will enable me to go back to Vegas better prepared for a trip there. The size of the field’s there mean it is just not feasible to play tournaments exclusively and any future trips will be incorporating a lot of cash games. Its just fiscal logic but as a tournament player it’s a lesson that had to be learnt.

Having said that I came out about $3000 ahead on poker there if I exclude the $11500 in WSOP entries that I had earned online at no cost. I ran very bad and at times played good and even on occasion great poker.

The standard of the average American playing in the tournaments that I played was shockingly bad. I’m not exaggerating when I say tables that I played in $1000 events there were easier then €25 tournaments run in blazinaces on Monday night. There was the odd good young American but in general the standard was really bad.

AS for the two WSOP events I played. The standard in the $1500 was awful I have no doubt I could of gone very deep except for that two outer when all in on the turn. My main event starting table was very tight for the first level and as that was as long as I lasted I’m not going to make any judgement on the standard of play.

I didn’t like the Rio and its something I’m going to have to get past when I go back to Vegas. This is a flaw in my make up and rather then just play past it and play the four or five WSOP events I had mapped out I opted for the better-structured games in the fantastic Venetian poker room. Logical yes, but reflecting on the trip I regret not playing more bracelet events.

All in all I enjoyed my time in Vegas. The people that I shared the house with were all A-one and I’m sure that many of us will team up again in the future for trips as there was a lot of poker talent there and people who will be in the game for the long run.

So that’s me blogging off for the time being. As I said earlier I wont be updating with the mundanes of my everyday grind but may do a monthly update and will do tournament reviews of any decent events I play.