Sunday, July 8, 2007

Well that was fast

Lasted all of 2 hours 20 minutes here's how cardplayer reported my exit hand

"Power out gunned
Recent Irish Open finalist Nicky Power has been eliminated. 'I found aces the hand before, raised it up and got no callers,' he explained to 'The next hand i found A-K and the flop came K-K-4. All the money went in the middle and the other fella had 4-4. I don't mind really, folding is not a big part of my game so what can you do,' he grinned."

don't know what was up with me today but sat down for my first main event with about as much enthusiasm as a £25freezout in the local club. just wasn't feeling it today. gonna try and qualify for the WPT in the bellagio . have a feeling the main event could be heading to Irish soil this year and as I have a % of about 10 players all may not be lost yet.