Monday, September 3, 2007

A quiet August

well as the heading said I've had a very quiet month. Lost about €1100 live and finished up just over $4000 online. I stated in an earlier post my intentions to start getting into ring games but the motivation is just not there at the moment to play with any intensity.

By intensity I mean playing six+ tables which I just don't want to do right now. So for the time being my online will consist of two and three tabling MTTs, I'm sure this will change when the winter sets but ATM I'm happy just to tap away.

I've had a few stabs at qualifying both live and online for the WSOPE over the last month but never got close. This year the live tournament scene in Ireland is totally dead from early June until October which is in my mind is bad business by the 5/6 major promoters here. Surely it wouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility for all the promoters to get together once a year and come up with a balanced calendar and avoid the ridicules scenario that we have had this year where we had three European ranking events for three consecutive weeks and then 4.5 month's without a decent tournament