Wednesday, September 12, 2007

embarrassing stats

Ive done ok in stts in the past but haven't really played them over the last 4/5 months. Tried a few on stars over the last few weeks ( the account is old and would of been mainly used by my dad over the last 18 months- he was probably break even over 160/180 small stakes stts). I'd say I played 20 or so $100/200 over the last two weeks and must of bubbled 10 of them, ran really shit in the ones i played.

The result of this is pretty shocking sharkscope stats yep the dreaded goldfish is jumping. Now I really haven't the heart to rectify it ATM ( and TBH I not sure if i can beat this level on stars, I'd have to play at least 1000 or so to get an idea if I could ) so took the easy option of removing the embarrassing stats. Guess this says a lot about vanity but wtf i confess