Friday, September 14, 2007

so much for my week off

Well I had intended to take a week off but forgot about the GCSOP on crypto so when I turned on sunpoker at 7.50 Tuesday and saw a $215 freezout with 4500 starting stack and a $50,000 guarantee I couldn't resist. There was approx 270 runners and with 31left (30 paid) I pushed my average stacked SB A10 into AK. This left me with 2.5 BBs which I push JJ into Q5; Q on turn to finish 30th.

I thought there would be more play in these but the structure means total crapshoot anyway deep but there's a lot of dead money so decided to play the rest of them for the week. So last night I get my stack in second hand on the turn holding KK v 66 the board showing 2335; 4 on the river.

Played tonight's $50k and somehow had the chiplead with 20 players remaining without seeing a hand better then JJ all tourney. With 16k for winning it was very disappointing to go out in 11th. These are so crapshooty there is no way of bullying with the blinds so big two or three tables out. As there is no change in the money, everyone is looking for a spot to gamble; you just gotta hit cards and win your showdowns to take it home. After taking a few hits I finally went out AK v Q10.

There's three of these left in the series but I'll be beering Friday so that leaves the $150,000 guarantee on Saturday which is a $500 buy in and Sundays $£1000 buy in $250000 guarantee. I'll probably play both; its about time I had a big win in a online tournament so either will do.