Monday, September 10, 2007

Road Trip

Travelled the Country over the weekend playing the Macau, Jackpot, and GJP monthly games. Didn't put in a showing in any of them but Pat Storan who generally travels to most games with me these days chopped the Dublin and Drogheda games and finished 4th in cork. We usually swap 20% so that put me up on the 3 events and also made a few bob playing cash waiting around for him.

Pat has a great TAG game and is naturally very competitive a combination that makes him very difficult to knock out of a tournament. I can honestly say that he gets to the business end of over 50% of the tournaments he enters and a result in a bigger tournament is just a matter of when not if.

On a personal note I'm taking a little break from poker, just a week or so. I don't seem to have any motivation and the knock on effect of this on my game is that my game seems very stale to me. I'm generally sitting at the table or keyboard without any enthusiasm which leads to just going through the motions and playing without any thought or imagination.

I've been playing the game seriously for two years now and its been my only income for the last 21 months. In that time I've never really taken anytime off so a week away from the tables is long over due.