Sunday, November 25, 2007

WWF Back for Day three

Third time this year I hit a final day of a 3 Day or more event and like the last two ( 13th of the 13 that went back in the macau and 6th of the 7 in Irish open ) this one was also a disappointment. There was many of the top players still left in the tournament. I'd say any knowledgeable person picking 30 players against the 280 field would of have picked at least 8 of the 20 that remained.

I decided the morning that I was going for the win and would play aggressively. I also decided if I got very deep I wasn't dealing and that if I got the chance to race I would. Well I did second hand in when I raised to 23k and the BB pushed for another 70k I called and his 77 held. Shortly after this I lose another 75k when I called a raise from the button in the BB with KQ on a K1010 flop. So within the first 20 minutes I'm down to 12k.

I work this back to about 275k and then out in a half million pot to Jen Mason when My A10 couldn't suck out against her JJ. I posted the hand on strategy forum Some of the better posters suggest that I didnt play the hand optionally but I'm happy enough with my play given the situation. Mason has just knocked out two players and is playing 800+k. Were six handed and since the last knockout she has raised 4 of 6 hands uncontested so is basically mopping up the chips and good on her. I haven't seen her pass a cutoff button in two days. I'm playing 250k blinds are 6k/12k 1k ante. I haven't looked at the money and I'm looking to win the tournament. Anyhow she raises 36k from the cut off and I look down at choices as I saw them

1. fold
2. call and fit/fold the flop

I consider these weak and not the plays of someone trying to win the tournament.

3. raise to 110 or so and either call or fold to a 4bet

4. shove

its a lot to shove but I thought it the best option, I considered option three and decided if she put me in i was calling so better just get them in first. The consensus on boards was that 3-bet call/shove was the best option.

So out in 12th for €1700 pretty bad considering I was 4th coming back in chips and the story of the year for me really if truth be told . Close but no cigar.Its give me great pleasure the see these type of events being held in Waterford and great kudos the the bigslick crew they really have come a long way in the last couple of years. Two years ago I was playing A €5 rebuy with this crew in a pub called 19. To see an event run by the lads being the feature on sky poker weekly show gave me a great buzz