Thursday, November 22, 2007

Waterford Winter Festival part 2

The next table was the hardest I played in the tournament. Bomber, Smurph, Jen, Ollie, good northerner. I found it really hard to find a spot as the table was super aggressive. By far the best hand I saw here was A8os and Bomber pushed UTG for about 150k, I'm next to act but couldn't consider a call with the rest of the table to act. He showed KK to take the pot uncontested, a good move given his image and I'd of insta called him if it was blind on blind. Thankfully the table broke shortly after this.

I played on two more tables before the 14 hour day ended with most of my action coming in the last 20 minutes. By the final level I'm still playing 120k but by now its 66% of the average blinds are 5/10k 1k ante so its basically push or fold. I push A7os and Smurph calls for 75k with KQ and hits a K.

I then push my remaining 45k twice in a row with 73os and A3 and get through, the same player tables 66 then 77. Its quite clear to me that three of the four players to my left are just hanging in to come back tomorrow. There's 23 left and were playing down to 20.

The very next hand I look at an ace and push without seeing the other card. I get a called by AJ but hit my kicker an eight on the river. After that hand I have 160k and then the very last hand of the night I look down at KK UTG. I consider putting in a standard raise but decide I've been pushing so much it stands a good chance of getting called a little light. Unluckily for Keith from Kerry he wakes up with QQ on the BB and I'm coming back on day three 4th in chips with 325k.

stay tuned for day three