Sunday, November 25, 2007

nicnicnic gets a sicsicsic one

Seat 1 : Liam Flood
Seat 2 : Roy Brindley
Seat 3 : Tom Kitt
Seat 4 : Cormack Delaney
Seat 5 : Reggie Corrigan
Seat 6 : James
Seat 7 : Wes Farrell
Seat 8 : Nicky Power
Seat 9 :

Above is my starting table for the Sporting Emporiums November Festivals €1000 main event. 72 starters and I didn't mind having Flood and Brindley to my left as I thought it meant a good chance if I picked up a big hand early they might pay me off. I had a load of action early and raised AA on the button into the boy to 300 re-popped to 800 and I went for 2300 fully expecting him to come back but he folded. I got the 15000 starting stack to 20k in level one. Then lost 8000 in a pot I played QQ over aggressively and rather badly on An AAX flop leading out and C/R the turn.

My exit hand was one to remember 20 minutes into level 2. I pick up AA again and get two caller and an A 4 5 flop. I bet 500 trying to look weak Reggie Corrigan ( the Irish rugby international ) goes for his chips and I see he is contemplating a raise so I thinking straight away I've got him he has a hand. When he re-raises my 1400 turn bet to 3400 I'm pretty sure he has a lower set and put my remaining 7k in he calls and tables pocket fives. So we've got AAA Vs 555 and I'm feeling pretty good until he hits the the river five, wp gg nh.

A year ago this would of busted my brain but I think its a measure of my progression that I honestly took it in my stride and I'm really looking forward to next weeks Macau festival. Now if I get another one as bad down there then that could bust my head :-)