Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Waterford Winter Festival

Anybody that knows me knows I like a beer or two. Since last November's green joker poker festival when I went to showdown twice after miss reading my hand I've knocked it on the head while playing. So when the cards hit air on Friday I was in my usual day one state of extremely hungover having given it a good lash on Thursday night.

On my starting table I had Vera two to my left and Kevin Hickey directly to my right. While both are good solid players you should really know where you are in a hand with them so I felt it was a good table until I realised there's a complete nutter directly to my left. The fox came to the table early enough and christened him the eccentric player. Got an early enough double through the eccentric player and peaked for day one on 40k ending it on 33k.

There was a bit of Deja Vu there for a while when Marty Smyth joined the table which meant three of the final six from this years Irish Open on the table.

Day two started with a bang when I double through the Longlad with KK on a J high board ( he put me on AK which is fair enough and I always respect someone who goes with there reads). In the first two levels I had aces three times, kings twice and queens and AK a few times also. Most of the time just getting small pots but by level three of the day I was among the chip leaders with 110k.

During level three I was pretty disappointed to get moved. But not before I got to play a slightly bizarre hand. We were nine handed and I announced raise from the small blind, Vera folds and I table my AJs. a few at the table get anxious and I immediately put my hands over the cards as I realise something is wrong. Rag2gar from boards had raised from seat one and I'd missed thus had to raise which I did to 6k. The Flop of k 10 4 was checked and I bet out 7.5k on the turn to which he folded. I asked what he had and he said AQ to the amusement of the table.

My new table had Pat Storen, Pat O' Callaghan and Connie in pushmode. Was on the table for at least three levels but saw very few cards and did well to hold what I had.

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