Saturday, January 19, 2008

feels like home

After about seven months in online limbo I started back playing 6 man stts again this week. I had messed around with a bit of NLH and PLO cash over the last few months but just cant get the willpower, motivation or enjoyment from playing either to stick with it. Shorthanded stts were always my online niche and what I always played so it feels like coming home. I know many onliners look down at stts but I've always enjoyed the 6 handed version and never really tire of playing them. I'm running up a small deposit on a new site so playing lower then i used to for a while but made a tidy €1400 on the week including rakeback over 250 games which is encouraging and good to see I haven't lost my touch at them. I also get a great sense of satisfaction running a small deposit into a decent roll on a new site. In general I have never looked to be a big winner online and always said if I could grind out an average of €600 to €800 a week for 20 or so hours play that this would be sufficient for me. Kinda treat it as a basic wage with the live touches being the bonuses. LINK

On a side note; I love golf and miss playing this time of year, TBH I'm shite at it and not a winter golfer but play at least three times a week in good weather. I also love watching and betting on golf. Over the last few months my sleep pattern would be dictated by skys broadcasts from the far east. This morning it was 7 am from Abu Dhabi. I do quite well from my golf punting. Generally I trade off when I can and was able to do so this week with 36 holes of the tournament left to play as my punt Martin Kaymer is seven shots clear at the half way stage. There is no sweeter feeling in punting then to see all the runners on the betfair screen in green colours ( which means that whoever wins the event you collect ). I've been watching Kaymer for the last six months and have no doubt that this guy is the real deal. I think he will become a phonomanon ( as good as Els rather then Woods though ) over the next few years and will be a future winner of the US open.