Wednesday, January 30, 2008

IO Satt in Sporting Emporium

67 runners with 4 tickets up for grabs. With 12 left I push 37k into a 28k pot with top two on the turn and get call by a J high flush draw, was pretty gutted as would of given me 110k with 500k in play and a lock on one I'm sure if he misses. I know the guys flush drawing because of the speed he called my flop bet and the push is to take down the pot as I'm sure I can maneuver into a ticket from this point with over 65k and twelve left.

I'm annoyed with myself because of the way I reacted for a few seconds after the flush hit. I said to the guy how the fuck can you call that bet with the jack high flush draw and it took me a few seconds to shake his hand when he offered it. Anyone that knows me knows that I can take a real beat in my stride and never react in this manner. I think I was just in shock at the call rather then the fact that it hit. Satellite's are funny beasts. Talking to Mickste later he said that I want the call there every time and I initially agreed with him but on the drive home I started I thinking that maybe I didn't because I probably had as much chance of getting the ticket anyway as I had equity in the hand. Well done to Willie Clynnes and Paul Higgins who got in.