Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2007, Part Deux


The best part of these two months if not the best part of the year was the 3 weeks+ I spent in Vegas. While the only result I had was the $6500 for tenth of 545 runners in the last event of the Venetian Deep Stack festival I still really enjoyed my time there and gained a lot from the experience. Actually looking back over the year that tournament in the venetian is the one that bugs me the most. I made a squeeze play with about 12 left and a guy took 5 minutes to call. With the right speech play I could of gotten him to fold ( there was history ) but I messed up. I should of gotten over $40k out of that tournament at least and it still bugs me.

I played the two events that I got on sun poker in the Rio. The first I was two outed for about a three times the average stack with over 80% of the field gone. If I could of avoided the river 6 I'm sure that was a definite cash. But I didn't mind the beat to much as I was happy I had played very well in my first WSOP event. I ran bad in $500 STTS I played for a few days and got a real turn against the Rio so didn't play there again until the main event which was short lived.

I said at the time that I was in no way excited about the main event and I wasn't. Looking back now it just became another tournament as I was playing a tournament most days. I think I will learn from this in future as I really should be excited about playing the WSOP main event. I loved binions and downtown.

June I made over $6000 online but it was the last month I have online records from. I basically became an online recreational player for the rest of the year. The only other event I can recall is winning the monthly €200 game in blazing aces on my first game back in the club after Vegas for about €3000.


Were pretty dead months in Ireland and didn't play anything of note. I was a small winner live looking at my records in both months and chopped a tournament on stars for $5000. Actually thinking of it now the slight profit shown live was probably from % swaps with Pat Storen rather then wins myself.


One of my best live profit months of the year clearing over €10,000. The bulk of this coming from a live EPT satellite in drogheda. I kept the cash and didn't play although I should of won in online as well. I was three handed for a package, me 40% of chips compleat donkey 50% of chips and a chap from galway who got it 10%, I came third.


A bit Like May with three major events in Ireland. I got no run in the SE or Macau €1000 games, getting one outed in the SE game. I had a good run at the Waterford tournament losing a half million pot to Jen Mason with 12 of the 285 starters remaining. The big bonus in Nov was winning an EPT Prague package for $24 on stars

Was a decent month, the EPT was a good experience and playing one would of been one of my goals at the start of the year. I won entry to the IPC for €200 in blazingaces and chopped €500 games in Drogheda and Limerick which wrapped up my year nicely. I think when the GJP Irish Rankings are finalised I will be 7th for the year. Not bad but I feel a little unlucky in these as I won or chopped about five events that just failed to reach the criteria for points ( either they fell short in numbers or Qualified on buy-in and numbers but didnt because they were satilites)

All in all I'd say a good year and would easily accept the same profits for 2008 now. But its only human nature I suppose to wonder what would of been had I won that race with six left in the IO.