Saturday, January 26, 2008

Macau Monthly

The Macau monthly game has changed it structure and buy in and the day it runs from Thursday to Friday. I always go down for this but it was losing numbers all last year and I was starting to feel it wasnt worth the drive as the last few were only getting 30 or so runners. There's much talk on boards about a decline in people playing so it was a great pleasure to see 97 runners last night for the new structured/buyin event. Its seems CPT has had it right all along just guarantee a decent prize-pool and the punters will come. In fairness Ken had promoted the event all month and did many satellites but I think 97 runners is a resounding success. I got off to a great start but the blinds caught up with me eventually and I went out attacking the bubble. Eight players go back today, best of luck to Caoimh whom I donated my chips to, hope he puts them to good use, he hasn't been hitting the results of late but is a great player and overdue. Now that I think of it most of the Cork lads seem to be back on form. I have to give Noel Magnier a mention after his great win in Killarney last week; why? because I think he might beat me up if I don't; have you seen the size of this guy.

I'm doing a Q&A tread on boards ATM, haven't answered that many questions yet but will get stuck into them over the next few days.