Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Downtown Brown Floored

No poker of any consequence to report on as such. I've been playing the big Sundays the last few week. I seem to be amassing stacks early enough, converting to a few cashes, but nothing decent.

Really just getting a bit of practice in preparation for huge fields in Vegas.

Irishpokerboards.com had a golf outing at the Kclub Friday and Saturday which was good craic. Fifteen of us played both specular courses in beautiful weather.

I was teamed with Paul Spillane and we dispatched Messrs Rory Brown and Tom Kitt handily enough on the Ryder cup course the Friday.

Rory is a good golfer and was assistant or trainee pro at the Kclub a few years back but doesn't play seriously these days.

Downtown brought in the big guns teaming with Chris Dowling on Saturday. Obviously feeling very confident of revenge they pushed to up the stakes. We played $200 front, back and overall and scooped the lot.

Very enjoyable, I played shite overall but was happy enough to win three holes for the team, Paul put in a blinder.

The lads will get there chance again in Vegas; gamblers > golfers again IMO.

One funny moment on the forth hole when we were on the green and a ball from the group behind nearly hit the green for the second hole running. Paul lost it a bit and let rip at Eoin Olin, who was standing 50 yards away from Ciaran Corbett who had actually hit the shot.

Overall a really good couple of days and I'm signed up for the next one already.