Sunday, June 27, 2010

1k event

AS myself Tommy, Derek and Jude were driving to the Rio for yesterdays $1,000 buy in 3k, the discussion was how many of us would make level seven through the dinner break. The general consensus was if one of us made it then that would equal par.

As it happened three of us did but only Jude lasted the extra couple of levels to the end of play.

It's was nice to get some kind of a run on my first event. At a couple of stages I got relatively decent stacks together. In level 5 I had 12k before a few setbacks and hit dinner with 6k.

I played well in level seven and got it up to 13k, but level eight went bad and I ended up shoving 78 clubs on the button into AJ. I played well over the day but did get a little frustrated towards the end when things went against me, it does take a little time to get accustomed to and not let the yanks annoy.

I was on Judes table and he finished with 30k which is nicely above average. We more or less just stayed out of each other's way, but he is a very impressive player.