Friday, June 25, 2010

Eventful enough

Flight's over were fine without turbulence thank god. Played 27 holes of golf on Thursday morning with Marty and Tommy "nine life's" Finnernan. Marty wrote recently about all the percentages he was going to win off people on the course but he got off to a bad start losing 3% to me here.

At one stage in the round I was taking a bend fairly fast and Tommy was flung from the cart. Had to be seen to be believed but how Tom escaped serious injury god will only know.

Id regged for Fridays $1,500 and headed for Paul Lucy's party at the high roller villa in the Mirage. I've honestly never seen such opulence, the pad was truly amazing. Everyone showed and it was a right craic. Although going there I was hopeful of someone better to share the huge hot tub with then Paul Carr and Derek Murry. Fair play to Paul for going to the effort of putting this on it really was a great night.

I didn't hang the dog and was fresh enough getting ready to hit the Rio this morning when I got a phone call from Tommy. He was in hospital and needed me to go and get him out as they wouldn't release him of his own accord. When I got there it was worrying as he was out cold with an impressive array of tubes and monitors sticking out of him, thankfully he was fine though. Seemingly the taxi he was heading home in was involved in a three car smash.

By the time I got through this I'd missed the first two levels of the $1,500 when they take the chips out of play. I'm heading in later to get a refund and to reg for tomorrows $1k.