Monday, June 21, 2010

Off to the desert for a while

Flying out Wednesday to Las Vegas. I'd say I'm going with a mindset of pragmatic confidence. Anyone going there thinking there going to burst the place up is just being unrealistic

I was listening to a 2p2 podcast interview recently with George 'Jorj95' Lind. Lind who won the SCOOP player of the series, went 37 events at the 2009 WSOP without a cash. This may seem an awful run for a top player but its not really when you consider the field sizes.

A few years ago I used to play a lot of six man stts on-line. I was a decent winner in them and played near to perfect strategy. Once I hit a streak of 33 games without a cash.

If I was to say I'm going to Vegas and going to make a final table or win a certain amount of money over the seven or so tournaments I will play, it would just be foolish.

So what are my expectations for the trip? Well I'm going to play between 6-8 WSOP events with the lowest field being around 2000 runners. If I played seven I think I'd be slightly odds on to get a cash, maybe 5/6 or 4/5.

I think the main event is my best shot. It's a unique tournament with an unbelievable structure. I feel my skill set fits well with what's required to do well in it. I learned a lot about this event last year when I went out on day five in 350th. With half decent table draws, I'd probably make myself around 11/2 to hit the money again.

This will be my third trip to Vegas for the series and what ever happens I'll enjoy the whole experience. I started playing NLH five years ago in small pub games and feel very lucky to have progressed to play at the level I do. For me it doesn't get any bigger then the WSOP, I'm relishing the challenge of the next few weeks and just hoping the poker Gods might take a shine to me. Please, wish me luck!