Sunday, December 16, 2007

EPT Prague Day one

my table had Annette_15 in my cut off and allinstevie to her direct right so expected plenty action from these two online stars the rest of the table was an English Asian and random scandies. I knew Annette obviously and Mike from greenjoker who was covering the event for pokernews filled me in Stevie ( I checked his online record later and its very impressive ). Anyhow I knew I could expect an active table and it didn't disappoint.

The first hand that I played was against Stevie's Qs9s on an Js8s8xXxAs board holding AJ it cost me about 2500 and I played the hand badly; mainly bad bet sizing which meant that I actually saved chips on the hand because I was always calling his river value bet as I didn't put him on the draw. I knew it had actually saved me chips but I was quiet annoyed after the hand at how I'd played it. Shortly after this I raise my button with KJ os and get a call from the SB and a Kh Jh ragx flop. I bet full pot on flop and a bricked turn, the river brings an A, not a heart but its a bad card for me and I check behind. The SB tables AK to take the pot. I'm down to under 5k in level two but this hand actually puts me in better form as if the guy had bet the river I'd of called so feel I'd gotten away very lightly. Here's my happy down to under half my starting stack first two levels face.

I then play two semi strange hands first one there 4 limper's in the pot before me so I limp the button with Ah8h. I put 2x100 and 1x25 chips in the pot instead of the 150 so its deemed a minraise and everyone calls it. Flop brings A1010 and the six players in the hand now check it to the river where my A is good. Shortly after I pick up AA UTG and raise to 450 with 5 callers; they don't look so good now until the flop brings A56 with a flush draw. Both blinds check there option and I bet 1500 praying someone has hit a set or fancied playing a draw aggressively but no action comes. I drop back down to 5k again through a badly played hand then double up with AcQc when i get my 5k in on a 10 high two club flop Vs JJ hitting an A on the turn.

It's the forth level 100/200 at this stage and where Annette goes out in a rather strange spot. She had been playing pretty LAG with lots positional raising and 3bets. I hadn't really tangled with her, I think I had 3bet her twice to take down pots pre but had given up my BB to her and Stevie easily enough at these cheap levels. She had doubled through rather luckily when she 3-bet pre with J4 and hit JJ9 flop. In her exit hand a pretty bad player limped for 200 in the hijack Stevie made it 800 from the button and Annette repopped for 2800 all standard enough until the bad players calls. Now at this point its very clear to me that this guys got a premium hand. A raggy flop was checked, she bet 3750 on a J turn and pushed a brick river into KK. I'd say the guy owned her in the hand but tbh he had no idea what he was doing, she said in her blog that she had air and put him on a draw when he called the turn but I thought she played the hand totally spewy after he called the 2800 pre she should of closed shop and given up on the hand.

At the 150/300 25 ante level I get AA again in early position put in a standard bet get raised to 2700 and then another player pushes for 10k the 3-better folds and I hold against AK. Think I peaked for the day at about 32k and never really saw a hand for the last three levels so feel I did well to get back for day 2 with a near exact average stack of 28400.